I am the absolute owned property of my Mistress Madame Caramel. Please read my testimony about our D/s relationship. Mistress encourages me to be a strong individual man with my own life.

I studied computer sciences and I am specialized in big data research. In my daytime job I build large scale highly availability web-services.

In the evening I run kinky websites and do small IT projects for anybody that needs help. If you are looking for website or have a problem with your website I am your man.

I have a passion for photography and I love to photograph the kinky scene. If you want to have your picture taken by me, please contact me.  You can see my work on my photo page.

My Links:
Twitter: @McHerJoris
Slave Register: SLRN 759-154-440
Dutch Blog: The Kinky Web
Fetlife: MC_Joris