Six years ago my Mistress came into my life. Al tough she didn’t knew it at the time it was two soulmates that finally connected again. Before her I would have said that I knew what love is. But what I feel for her is way beyond anything I ever felt before. The way she smiled when she first lays eyes on me opened up my heart and I knew I would be hers for the rest of my life.

At the beginning it was easy. I never was under the control of a Mistress before and I wanted all. The first six months Mistress trained and played hard with me. My body was never without her marks and she trained me to serve her every wish.  She controlled my life in kink and vanilla.

I took about a year before we settled in our D/s relationship. I of course rebelled, fought back try to set things my way. Mistress did what any good guardian would do and was flexible for my wishes until I realized that her way was the only way that works for us.

I now crave her female power over me. I need  the kiss of her whip as much as from her lips. I need her caring love as much as I need her mean strictness.  I need to feel her control in my daily life. I need to know she is pleased with me. I need so much and there is only so little I can give back.

But when I can give back I try. When she hurts beyond pleasure I take it for her.  When she puts me in chastity I don’t complain.  When she gives attentions to others, I cry in silence.  Because she is my Mistress, my partner, my everything in this life and the next.