Vote for Madame Caramel

As a sub and partner I am of course bias as hell. She is the woman that loves and whips me and of course she is the best in my eyes. But let me explain what I have seen over the past 9 years.

I have seen many subs come and go. You have a few categories. First you have the one that just for once want to have a session with the great Madame Caramel. They book a session expresses there kinks and come with an open mind to enjoy. Mistress will deliver a beautiful session that they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives.

Next you have the fetishist that just wants their kinks to be satisfied. That is not what Mistress does. She doesn’t deliver for money, she is living the lifestyle and always put her own wishes before the boys. These boys normally come and go quickly.

But what I want to talk about are the lifestyle subs. This is the area where Mistress truly excels. Come to her and submit open and freely accepting the training she will give you. You will not only experience what it is to serve in a femdom household in time she will give you the chance to be part of her life. Serving her when she wants, attending to her needs.

I have seen this happen many times and they all have to go, including me, trough the learning phases.

  • Enthusiastic no clue what this is all about, trying and failing to serve Mistress
  • Understanding how difficult it is and thinking that they will never be a good boy
  • Understanding that it needs constant training, accepting that you always have to learn.
  • Accepting your place in Mistress her life as her trained and obedient servant

Mistress is an expert in motivation using your and her kinks to go through all of it. Till you are really hers. Trained to sub that knows exactly how to treat his Mistress.

Mistress is not selfish she could keep her slaves and use them to life the comfortable of a Goddess she is. Instead I have seen her matching many Mistresses and subs giving them the happiness of a female led relationship.

As an example I would like to give you Susie Monday. Susie is longer with Mistress then I am. But I had the honor of seeing many phases of her training. Susie started as TV fetishist looking to be slut in a safe environment. That is exactly what Mistress gave her. She used Susie a lot in her dungeon when a sissy was needed. But that was balanced with strict training in the house. Mistress taught her strict protocol serving her and her friends. Of course chastity training was the basis, being locked gives you focus on Mistress. Susie also went through the phases of submission and it is only recently that she fully accept her purpose in Mistress life that was also the moment she received Mistress collar making her forever hers.

I know many Mistresses and only few can train a man to their full potential. Mistress her collared slave are strong, happy, successful man knowing what they want in life and that is serving a Goddess.

So please vote for Mistress at the UK Fetish Awards for best Mistress, (click on the stars) While you are there also vote for the best Dungeon in London, The Hoxton Dungeon Suite.

What is wrong with Twitter

Twitter is a beautiful powerful medium. It brings people all over the world together and allow them to state their opinion give them a platform to express themselves. It is the first generation of politicians, celebrities,… that can by pass the subjective traditional written media and allow them to interact directly with the people.

Of course this screams for abuse and it is not that strange that twitter has to apply some form of rules to be legal and to have a platform where free speech rules. Adult posts are flagged as adult so children can see explicit content by accident but still allow consenting adults to express them selves.

Accounts are verified and get a blue tag so you see that it is an official account and not a fake account. Abusive accounts are reported and banned from the platform. You would think that is a good thing to do. But being banned on a social platform has great social implication. You loose the connection to your audience you are being expelled. This was in the middle ages one of the worst sentences you could get.

We as a society are evolved and have a legal system in place. Where you can state your case by yourself or by a person that speaks for you. If for some reason you think you didn’t get a fair trail there is always the possibilities to appeal. When you are guilty as charge you sit our your sentence and you are welcomed back into society.

Twitter is for some reason still in the middle ages. Where they expel you without a fair trail, not eve a good reason. Just a statement that you didn’t follow the rules. There is not even a good way to appeal and to rules are made that all power lays with the platform. Completely forgetting the impact it has on the person they banned.

Saying hey, it is our platform you follow our rules is the school example of power abuse. As soon as people are involved you can’t say that anymore. It is like at the start of the industrial revolution when workers where abused and underpaid. They also said, hey you don’t have to work for us, you can leave. But it is not that simple sex workers adopted twitter from the very beginning and have a big deal in where the platform is now. It is part of how they make a living so it is a big deal.

The workers of the industrial revolution didn’t do nothing, they organized themselves into unions. They gained so much power that the work conditions had to change in the more equal playing field we have now. This needs to happen with social media. The first sings we saw with Facebook where for the first time they kept accounted for how they treated their users.

It is time that Twitter gets new social rules. They have to come down from their ivory tower and install a legal like system where user have rights and can defend their case. Twitter is not almighty it is here to serve the needs of the people and by doing that it can make money with commercials.

Twitter get your priorities right or one day the revolution will start and the power of the people will win. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Club Black Whip Mistress Mass

Last night it was the first Club Black Whip night of the year. Traditionally it is the last x-mas celebration before going back to work. After all the eating and drinking with family which was very nice and relaxing I needed some chaotic play time and that is just what Club Black Whip is for.

Mistress was putting on a beautiful velvet red dress while I was looking for my black business suite, after all it is a x-mas party so I wanted to look good. Mistress looked at me and she said tonight you will be Hazel put on your dress. In a matter of second I went from man to maid. Mistress smiled looking at me, so all was good.

We went to the club and the first guest arrived soon after. It was good to see everybody again. All ladies looked amazing with their red dresses, champagne was flowing like water all was good.

The evening started with a amazing sketch of a weird man that was looking for a Mistress. It was so funny!

Countess Dionysus arrived at the club and she had a special gift for Mistress. A flogger made of tubing. Of course Mistress wanted to try it out and before I know it I was laying on the whipping bench. No warm up, no warning only pain, that flogger is deadly. Mistress gave me a good beating with it and I struggled greatly to stay in place. Of course with some help of Mistress I did.

My flogging was where everybody was waiting for, people started to play everywhere and I could hear the whips cracking, the paddles smashing and of course the Mistresses laughing a subs life at CBW is a good one.

Next was the walk of shame. Mistress did a great job in organizing the Ladies and calling out the boys for their turn. She gave me a special gift by walking with me as last, I felt so proud crawling behind my Mistress.

Of course it is not a x-mas celebration without gift. All subs came bearing gifts and Mistress Evilyne organized the raffle. The gifts where great from perfumes to nice bottles of champagne.

The rest of the evening was great fun, more alcohol, more play and everybody started to dance. It was a night never to forget.
You can find all pictures here.

Mistress Noir

Sometimes Mistress sent me to other Mistresses and tonight was something special. I got a message from Mistress at work that when I finish. I had to contact Mistress Noir and book a session directly after work.

I was nervous, I had filmed with her before but I was never alone with her for a full hour. I called her and we had a very pleasant conversation. She asked me about my kinks and wishes. I told her I liked pain plain and that after a month in chastity in Mistress I needed something that get my minds of my locked cock.

At 7pm I knocked on the door and the first thing I saw where long leather boots. The commands came quickly: bathroom, shower and wait naked in the dungeon. The first thing she did was blindfold me and then the session started.

I am not going to tell everything what happened but I left the dungeon with a big smile. Mistress Noir did take care of me. When I came home Mistress had several lifetime slaves in the house. I wanted to tell her all about it, but she just said later and dismissed me. Guess all is fine again.

Mistress Noir is still available for session tonight, book her!

Day in the Dungeon

Finally after 2 weeks apart I was back at the feet of my Mistress. As always she was more practical then me. I missed her so much, I wanted to hold her and never let her go again. But I was soon put in my place and had to settle with massaging her beautiful feet.

The next day I went running for her did my exercises when I went home, all to show that I am a good boy. But Mistress wasn’t that impressed I was just doing what she ordered. In the evening I went for a game of squash with a good friend. What an intense game is that, I think I almost died at the end. But it was good fun and it fits in my diet, so I will try to do it more often when I am in London.

Friday morning my body hurt everywhere luckily Mistress was kind and she made me run for only 20 minutes. I had the day off and was hoping for a relaxed day but Mistress had different plans. I had to clean the complete house, get parcels from the post office, make lunch, go with her to the dungeon because it was filming day.

Everything went different then I had in mind. It was difficult to deal with it mentally. When all is normal, I don’t like change in the routine, but when I am in chastity I really can’t deal if things are not going like I have it in my head. My replies to Mistress weren’t always that nice. Of course I always do what she asked.

A Mistress didn’t show up for filming and Mistress decided to film with me. A good caning so I would stop being a grumpy boy and focus again. She would have caned me any way for my behavior but like this she also gets some content out of it.

Mistress didn’t warm me up and the first hit got me by surprise, the pain was unbearable. Normally I can give the pain a place and deal with it. But this was so intense, I became scared and panicked. Mistress wanted me to focus and kept on hitting me, not even on full force, but I was gone. I tried but no way I could collect myself.

I failed my Mistress again, I felt so bad and tried so hard but it only got worse. Mistress gave up on me and stopped the scene. When I was released from the whipped bench. I ran to my Mistress kissed her feet and started crying, I felt so bad that I couldn’t take her beating and disappointed her. She sent me for a walk to collect myself again.

When I came back Mistress wanted to do a different scene with me. I was happy that she gave me another chance to show my devotion for her. In no time I was wrapped in cellophane and I couldn’t move an inch. To make it even better Mistress started to tape me up. This made my cocoon complete, it was actually one of the tightest enclosures she ever put me in. It always works for me. Finally my mind came to rest and I was focused and connected on my Mistress.

As soon as I felt her energy streaming to my I was happy and ready. I felt a sharp pain in my balls and the first needle went in. Slowly more and more needles found there way deep in my balls. The pain was getting extreme, but I wasn’t going to move or say anything after this afternoon, this was for my Mistress. But of course she was connected to me too and gave me a little break a little bit of poppers.

The break was enough to put me in subspace, not a deep one but a happy one, I could still feel the full pain but now my brain could deal with it. Mistress started to put the rest of the needles. The pain came and went, I was riding the happy flow of endorphins and love for my Mistress. I was in total bliss.

The removal of the needles went quick and with less pain then I expected. I wanted more, I wanted to hold my Mistress and I wanted to accept more pain for my Mistress but Mistress cut me loose and it was over. I felt again in her arms and felt for the second time tears coming to my eyes, this time not out of shame but out of pure happiness.

We cleaned the dungeon, ate a pizza for dinner and got ourselfs in a beautiful outfit for a little high end party we where invited. We met lovely people and had an amazing time and before I knew it, we where back in the dungeon.

Mistress sat on the queening chair and allow me to drink her pee. It is one of the biggest rewards Mistress can give me. Laying under her smelling her beautiful scent. If Mistress would allow me, I would be under her every evening whilst she watches television. Of course she wanted some entertainment en decided that this was the perfect time to try her new Erostek electrics.

Before I knew it a rubber loop went around my balls and the familiar tinkling went trough my balls. Mistress played with the settings and every time she upped to power I screamed deep inside her. This machine is so much more powerful then the others she used on me. She know used it to pleasure me, but I am scared if Mistress will ever used it on me as punishment.

After some more time close to Mistress it was bedtime and we both fell a sleep in seconds after this long intense day of pain and pleasure. The next morning, Mistress gave me yet another little reward, after 26 days in chastity I crave anal play. Mistress put the fucking machine on the bench and used it on me.

It is such a great and frustrating treatment being fucked by a machine. This time every time it hits the right spot it went out. Adding to my frustration. I did feel good but I do prefer being taking by Mistress her strap-on but this is way more humiliating and I guess that is what Mistress wanted today. Again time to clean the dungeon and then we finally we went home.

I taught it was over, but Mistress came down with my cilice and the pins are now digging deep in my leg. Every step I take I know who loves me, controls me, own me,… My Beautiful Mistress

Daily training

Mistress is keeping me locked in chastity more and more. I was locked for 90 days this summer and feels like I just have been released. But it is October and of course Mistress locked me in honor of Locktober.

We where in Stockholm on the first and I was lucky that Mistress gave me a last orgasm before she closed the lock. The first week was fine, we had the Femdom Ball that was as always amazing. Soon after I left Mistress for a work trip all was fine.

When I was back in Eindhoven, the craving for Mistress became stronger. But she was ill and I did my best not to bother her too much. Luckily Mistress was starting to control me more. Not only my running in the morning, but now I have to use my but plug every evening for an hour.

The first days it was just fun, but now my ass is hurting a lot from the daily abuse. It makes me very emotional, the pain, the control, the horniness. All I want is more, I want to be close to Mistress, worship her, kiss her, used by her.

The chastity is working, what a powerful instrument is this for my Mistress. I am realizing more and more that I need to be controlled by her. That my frustration becomes happiness when she is happy. Thank you my Mistress!

Daily cup of tea

Normally I try not to state my opinion to much on twitter. It is not my place, I am on twitter to support my Mistress. But during our holiday Mistress encouraged me to give my opinion to the daily cup of tea of Madam Poison. Every day she post a statement where you can comment.

I have to say I am starting to get addicted to this daily treat. I give my honest opinion to the statement of the day. I know Mistress follows every step I do online and she hasn’t punished me yet. I guess she entertained by the conversation that is going on.

So I would like to ask you to join the conversation. Twitter lately is an advertisement platform and not a social medium as it should be. So join the conversation and make twitter social again!
Of course always be very respectful to the ladies they are superior to us if you don’t agree it is more likely that you didn’t understand her point.

77 days locked

On May 25th Mistress ordered me to be locked. As written in my previous blog I am used to be locked when Mistress travels. But this is the longest I ever been locked for my Mistress. The record was 48 days and we are now at day 77. I spent all that time except for 2 weekends without Mistress.

Not only does she keeps me chaste she also makes me work out and diet. I now run every weekday for 50 minutes. It is very difficult and I have to run very slow to keep going but I can now do it with two small breaks. The result of Mistress her work is very visible I now lost 7kg.

The chastity never becomes easy. I still wake up every night in pain I haven’t had a good night sleep for the last 3 months. I am so tired and have to keep myself together not to snap at work. At the beginning I felt very submissive to Mistress and connected but that is gone.

At the moment I don’t feel submissive at all, I found my routine, waking up early, run, work being to tried to do anything in the evening. I need all my energy just to make it trough the day. Mistress didn’t sent me to an other Mistress this time. I like the pain play but it also makes me miss Mistress a good whipping resets the mind.

Mistress is now finally returning on Sunday. My current project at work is in a critical phase so I couldn’t go to London to meet her. But on Thursday we will be united again. I have to say I look forward to it but I am also scarred, will she release me or will she just tease me till I completely crack? I don’t mind loosing it, but I am scarred that Mistress will not forgive me when I do.

One month locked and counting

As always Mistress locks me in chastity when she goes on her travels. Chastity is not a fetish of mine but it makes Mistress happy and seeing Mistress happy is my biggest fetish.

I prefer using my cb6000 because it is the most comfortable during the night for me. But Mistress had told me before that she wanted me locked in the holy trainer. That is the only device I can wear without a problem at security when I fly.

The holy trainer safely in its place but that wasn’t enough for Mistress. She wanted me to go for a run every morning and send her the proof. I don’t like to run but I do whatever Mistress wants.

The first 2 weeks was just fine, I was really busy at work and lots of stuff on my head that the chastity wasn’t that big of a problem. In the 3rd week I was going to see Mistress for a few days. Just knowing that I would soon be with her made me hard most of the day and I was struggling with my chastity.

Being with Mistress and seeing her wearing my keys with pride is such a beautiful feeling. Our trip to Villa Dracone was amazing and enjoyed serving Mistress. I was graving for a good whipping and Mistress told me she was going to test me. At the end we had such a great time with Mistress Dada that Mistress only gave me a very small whipping. But it was enough to relax me.

Unfortunately our trip was only for 2 days and I flew back to Holland and Mistress to London to continue her European tour. Now we are a week later and I am struggling a lot the last few days. I am always semi hard and sleeping is impossible now. I am so tired so horny and Mistress is so far away. Nothing I can do then suffer for my Mistress knowing that she is proud of me.