Mistress send me the below link about “The Truth Behind CoronaVirus”. I don’t like conspiracy theories. But the concept of Technocracy is popping up everywhere and it is starting to intrigue me more and more.

I am a liberal and believe in capitalism not the form we now see in the world. But I do believe that if you work hard you should be able to work yourself up. If you have a great idea you should be able work it out in a business.

The current technocracy movement prevents that, small companies don’t get a fair chance anymore and that worries me. This coronavirus will have the biggest impact on the small companies and independent workers.

I asked you in my previous post and I will do it again, create awareness and support your local independent shops. Not to help them, but to secure your own future and that of your children.

Working from Home

What a strange time we are living in right now. I am working from home the last 2 weeks. One week in Holland and now one week next to my Mistress in London. Working in IT really gives you the freedom to work from everywhere. Even in my current function where I have mostly meetings I can perfectly work from home.

So different is it for Mistress she is normally so busy all to arrange things, meet people have sessions make sure her dungeon is in perfect condition. It all comes to a stop, no more sessions, no more meetings, no more dungeon bookings. Like any independent entrepreneur at the moment these are hard times.

The balance is shifted for everybody that can work from home it are actually financial good times. You don’t spend that much money on shopping but more important you spend less money on entertainment at the end of the month you will have more disposable income over.

So I would encourage to help all you regular independent entrepreneurs in any way you can. From the local restaurant on the corner to your favorite sex worker. Most of them have a financial buffer but these things never last for long. There are so many things you can do, have a you ever been dominated over the phone? Of course you can buy your daily clip. But a better way to support your Mistress is to pre-book a session and pay in full, don’t specify the date it will happen as soon as this crisis is over.

Personally this lockdown with Mistress is heaven for me. Nobody else to play with but me. If you want to see us playing you can follow everything on Mistress her onlyfans.