Lately Mistress is using more and more strict hoods when she plays with me. I am starting to really love my sensory deprivation hood. I don’t like it that I can’t see my beautiful Mistress during our play. But the ritual when Mistress puts my hood on is fascinating. The thick leather immediately takes away all my sight. Then Mistress start to tightening the lace. I can feel the leather enclosing my face more and more till it is almost a second skin. The hood has extra thick leather over my ears so I can only hear Mistress slightly. There is only a small hole to breath. I have to focus on my breathing and whatever happens I can’t panic because then I don’t get air.

When the hood is fully closed and the only thing I can do is wait for what is going to happen. I fully trust my Mistress but I am also excited and a bit scared for what is going to happen. I try to hear what her next move is but the hood only give me distance sounds. I try to smell my Mistress but the leather is to strong to get anything reach me. Then Mistress touches my nipple, I almost jumped about the strong sensation. It was just to add a first layer of pain. The nipple clamps are biting sharply in my sensitive nipples.

I welcome the feeling, the pain she inflects is like an energy bridge between us. I relax and let the pain flow through my body. The more layers of pain Mistress add the more she takes control of my body and mind. There is nothing else in my world then this moment between Mistress and I.

The sharp pain of the whip brings me back to reality. I scream in my hood and without mercy it takes my breath away. I fully focus on my breathing while Mistress increases the pain with each lash of her whip. Then she stops, I slowly recover only for Mistress to increases the pain in my nipples. The nipple clamps are now digging sharply in my nipples it is a pain that I can’t ban from brain but is so intense I want to cry.

This is no play more, I am truly suffering, pain inflected by the woman I love so much. The whip comes down again and to focus of pain goes from my nipples to my back. The pain is so much why am I doing this? The moment I asked this question, I know the answer. I do this for my Mistress, it connects us in a way nothing else can. I slowly stop focusing on the restriction of the hood, the pain in my nipples, the whip on my shoulders. Even with the hood it feels like I can see her, smell her, hear her. I feel myself drown to her energy and I only want more, more pain but most of all more Mistress

I slowly sink into subspace, there is no resistance to anything Mistress does with my body. It is hers to do as she pleases. I feel happy, I feel loved but above all I feel hers.
Thank you my Mistress for giving me theses experiences, you are amazing!
Maybe I buy an even more restricting hood so I can be even closer to you. (if you have a suggestion please leave a link in the comments)

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