Daily cup of tea

Normally I try not to state my opinion to much on twitter. It is not my place, I am on twitter to support my Mistress. But during our holiday Mistress encouraged me to give my opinion to the daily cup of tea of Madam Poison. Every day she post a statement where you can comment.

I have to say I am starting to get addicted to this daily treat. I give my honest opinion to the statement of the day. I know Mistress follows every step I do online and she hasn’t punished me yet. I guess she entertained by the conversation that is going on.

So I would like to ask you to join the conversation. Twitter lately is an advertisement platform and not a social medium as it should be. So join the conversation and make twitter social again!
Of course always be very respectful to the ladies they are superior to us if you don’t agree it is more likely that you didn’t understand her point.