Hog Tie

Mistress always likes new toys to use in her filming and play. This time Bondara sent her a box full of toys. In there was a beautiful gag with nipple clamps and a cuff set with hog tie clips. Mistress wanted to use them on me as soon as possible.

The next day I was working from home and having one meeting after the other. Mistress told me that she needed during my lunch break. Two hours later I knocked on the door of the bedroom. Mistress had put the cuffs on the bed and just pointed to them. I start putting the cuffs on and waited till Mistress gave me her attention.

I opened my mouth and Mistress filled it with the gag. The nipple clamps are soft but Mistress abused my nipples the day before so they still hurt a lot. Before I know it Mistress pushed me on the bed and locked me in the hog tie position.

Immediately I felt the pressure in this position. I had to lift my head and that pushed the gag deeper in my mouth. I was now laying on my nipple clamps and that made my nipples feel on fire. Mistress didn’t look very impressed.

I was surprised how quickly my mind went from office mode to full submission mode. I tried to move my legs but the position didn’t allow me a lot of movement. I realized that I was in a very vulnerable position and was fully at the mercy of my Mistress.

It didn’t took very long before Mistress decided what she wanted to do with me. I want to milk you. She grabbed her doxy and slowly let the vibrations get my cock hard. The doxy is a powerful tool but a low speed very frustrating. I was fighting my bounds trying to direct Mistress to the exact right spot. The frustration was getting so intense but not enough stimulation to make me cum.

Mistress increased the speed and I could feel my orgasm building at last. At the very last moment she removed the doxy. I screamed in my gag in frustration but Mistress just laughed at me. Then she said now I want to see you spunk. She put the doxy at full speed. This was another level, I couldn’t fight it second later the doxy extracted an orgasm out of me nothing I could do about it.

Mistress just left me there for some time in my hog tie position. I could feel the cum on my legs and belly but nothing I could do about it. I was there biting my gag and felt extremely humiliated and used by Mistress. My nipples still on fire what after my orgasm very difficult to deal with.

Luckily Mistress as always had mercy with me and untied me. I felt relieved and happy that my Mistress knows when I need to be put on my place. I am at the mercy of my Mistress always and for ever.

You can see the full video on Mistress her onlyfans.

Why cock sucking is important

Mistress was always very clear to me about this point, you will suck cock for me. All my boys have to do it for me. At that moment I wasn’t so sure. In my sexuality I am fully straight. I am happy to see all sorts of non binary relations but I am most definitely straight.

It was after 6 months serving Mistress that we we went to the dungeon. We where not alone, her sissy maid Francesca joined us. She was serving Mistress on almost a daily basis at that time. Francesca received cleaning orders and I was to undress and take place on the spanking bench. Mistress gave a good caning I was really struggling to keep it together for her. But I was a good boy and I was allowed some aftercare laying my head on Mistress lap.

Suddenly she called out, Francesca get your cock here, I need my cock to be ready. Seconds later Francesca came in with a semi hard cock. Mistress started stroking it, very close to my face. Then there was a simple command, suck for me Joris. At first I didn’t react this was something I really didn’t want to do. Mistress pushed my head a bit and I resisted. You could feel the tension in the room. This was my test, I told Mistress I would do anything for her. Well here it is anything.

I was thinking about the last 6 months how Mistress made me happy. I finally found somebody that cares for me exactly who I am. I have to accept her for who she was, my Mistress the Woman that pushes my boundaries that always demand a little more. It was clear to me I had to suck cock for her.

I put it in my mouth and I swear I could hear Mistress smile. The tension was gone, Mistress was enjoying her victory. I taught if I am going to be a cock sucker I am going to be a good one. I went for it just like i would have liked my cock sucked. I could feel the moment getting closer for the grand finale. But just before Mistress said stop. I stopped in a second, I could hear Francesca almost cry out in disappointment. Mistress said that is enough back in chastity sissy, only Mistress can cum.

Mistress hugged me and told me that she was proud of me. Also that it was make or break for her. She has to be sure that I would do anything for her. I started crying a bit and said of course Mistress anything to please you.

After that first time Mistress makes me suck cock on special occasions, not very often but enough to make sure that I don’t forget that it is one of things I do for her. I don’t mind I am happy that Mistress is very selective and only make me suck clean and healthy cocks from her friends.

Thank you Mistress for removing this boundary for me. Please keep pushing me forward to be a better boy for you.

Can there be jealousy in a D/s relationship?

I think jealousy is part of any healthy relationship. It is just a natural side effect when you love somebody. That said it has to go hand in hand with reasoning. My Mistress is the most important person in my life, I am addicted to her and can never have enough of her, if possible I would keep her all to myself.

That is my raw emotion but it is very selfish and it is good to stop a moment by that. Why do I love her so much? I fell in love with a strong independent beautiful woman. That is capable of taking care of herself but prefer to be served and worshiped by many men and a few women. I don’t want to change her I love this powerful female force. She controls our life and does what she pleases.

The question is of course why am I not enough in her life? I know she loves me and want to spend the rest of her life with me so why let all these other energies mix with ours? It took me about 4 years to realize that I am not enough and that is a good thing. Mistress has many needs and wishes and they are often conflicting. She wants a loyal slave that does as she pleases, but she also likes to break a cocky man into submission. She wants a party animal to go out but also a down to earth men that she can come home to.

In the beginning I tried to be everything for her and was jealous to anybody that competed with me for Mistress attention. But the last few years I am settled, I feel secure and safe in Mistress her love for me. I serve her on a daily basis the best I can and in return she whips and spanks me to satisfy my kinks and relax my mind. I am still scared and jealous when she connects to other people, but I know that all will be okay. At the end of the evening when she slides in bed next to me, our energies entangles and the world is fine again. After all we are each other soulmates so we are made to love each other and we do.