Cum Controlled

I was working on my computer and suddenly I hear Mistress ringing the bell. I of course dropped what I did and went to the bedroom. Mistress was sitting in only her beautiful nightgown. Mistress pointed in front of her and I quickly knelt down for her.

Boy, it is time to continue your chastity training. I don’t mind that much, Mistress locks me up a lot and although the frustration is difficult to deal with I have no other choice and I accept that. Mistress continues, but you will love it this time, no cage and we will do all the kinky thinks you love so much. I looked at her in disbelieve. Of course you are not allowed to cum. Every drop of cum are 10 whip lashes. If you manage not to have an orgasm in the next 2 weeks you can choose you favorite way to cum. If you have an orgasm you will be locked in your cage for a month after that we play this game again, do you understand?

I could only say “yes Mistress” I was looking forward of Mistress teasing me, but I know I have no chance I will cum when Mistress teases me, how can I resist her? Mistress pointed to her holy shrine, no sniff and edge for me boy, only snuff no touching. Mistress holy shrine smells so good, I quickly became hard and slowly stroked. It didn’t took long before I felt the familiar feeling of building up an orgasm. I slowed down my stroking and looked at Mistress. She smiled and said, yes you want to ask something. Mistress may I please stop I will cum soon I asked. Yes we will continue this evening Mistress said you may go.

That evening, when we went to bed and Mistress took her Doxy, a simple command, lick followed. She put her doxy to her clit and I licked all her juices while she enjoyed. I could feel my cock pulsing but I didn’t dare to touch it without permission. Soon Mistress came and there was nothing for me, night night she said. I was up for a couple of hours with a cock calling for attention. This was only day one of teasing, how can I do this for 2 weeks?

The next few days, Mistress made me edge when I came home after work. It became a nice ritual. I kissed her, she said kneel and opened her legs and the command lick and edge came. After 3 days I was so horny and it took less and less to get to the edge. Mistress encouraged me to keep stroking and of course the first drops of pre-cum came out. Mistress smiled and only said get the whip. I think these are 3 drops and she whipped me 30 times. No warm up, just hard lashes that I needed to count. I was in so much pain but my hard cock was still there almost rebelling to Mistress her effort.

The first week passed with daily edging and it was Saturday we had nothing planned and after Mistress made me clean the house, she ordered me in the dungeon. Soon I was tied up to the bed and there was nothing I could do to stop Mistress from teasing me. She got on top of me and puts her ass in my face. I was scared and never could resist Mistress like this. I didn’t move, closed my eyes. But Mistress knew better, lick she ordered. I couldn’t resist her and put my tongue to her beautiful asshole and licked. My cock betrayed me again and was rock hard. Mistress started to stroke me and I knew I was in deep trouble.

Luckily she stroked me very slow and I was actually in heaven. I almost forgot that I wasn’t allowed to cum, when Mistress stopped stroking and my cock pulsed in an effort to cum. Of course some pre cum came out and Mistress laughed and I will enjoy whipping you later. Keep on licking and she continued to stoke me. I tried to get away from her but the restrains did there work and there was no place to go. I started to beg to stop but Mistress made kept me on the absolute edge with very light touches now. This was so frustrating I wanted to cum so much but I didn’t want to be locked for a month after that. Mistress said oo there is more pre cum you will bleed for me later. I almost started crying, Mistress put her full weight down on my face and waited till I struggled for air. Now it is time for the whip she said.

After the whipping, I took a shower and saw the water turning red from my blood. My back hurt so much and I still have a week to go. The daily teasing and edging continued and I can tell you all this so much more difficult than being locked up in a chastity cage. When I struggle in my cage I take distance from Mistress and keep to myself. But this teasing and edging forces me to be close to Mistress. I can now not edge anymore without loosing pre cum and I expect every moment to give myself a ruined orgasm with all the cum build up that will be a lot of whipping to pay that off to Mistress.

It was Saturday again my two weeks are almost done. I was starting to think I could make it. Mistress ordered me again to the dungeon and tied me up. I was expecting to have some more facesitting, but she blindfolded me and all I could do was wait. I could hear the bottle of lube and I expected some prostate massage. But then I felt two cold pads on my nipples from the e-stim. Mistress can make me cum from the right amount of pain or torture me merciless. Then I could feel her on my cock, It didn’t took long before I could feel what she was doing.

She was using the new kali’s teeth. These had long sharp points and will pierce the skin. With some effort she closed it and I was in a world of pain. I was loosing a bit of my erection but then the e-stim started to work on my nipples. No pain just stimulation I was getting hard again and Kali was biting hard on my cock. Mistress started laughing, do you like this boy? I was in to much pain and pleasure to answer. She got on top of me and entered my cock in her holy shrine. Even with the pain I was right on the edge again. Slowly she started to ride me. While I was getting closer to orgasm Mistress increase the e-stim and I was in so much pain. I came and I came hard I don’t even know anymore if it was out of pleasure or out of pain. Mistress said me too and she increased the e-stim even more while she put her doxy to her clit. I was crying out in pain and Mistress in pleasure.

After she released me it was very simple, you lost take a shower and lock yourself and come bring me the keys. We try again next month. Yes Mistress was all I could say.

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