Remote training tasks

Mistress is in Dubai and as always she locked me in chastity while she is gone. During the lock down she let me cum a few times a week so I am not used to not cumming at all anymore. After one week I was already struggling and now I am going crazy. All these years of chastity training are gone and I am back a chastity newbie. Mistress finds it very funny and teases me a lot with amazing pictures.

Luckily she gives me lot attention and many tasks to do. I of course have to run in the morning on Saturday I have ass training. That is the good thing about chastity it really makes me want big dildo’s in my ass. Mistress has many new toys in the house including large cocks. So on Saturday I have lots of fun putting bigger and bigger toys in my ass.
On Sunday I now have nipple training. Every week I torture my nipples a bit more and film it to please Mistress.

You can see clips of all my tasks on my free onlyfans but here are some pictures.

Coming home

Lately it is very busy at work and Mistress preferred me working from the office instead of taking calls all day in the house. So I go to the office as Mistress wishes. I do miss being so close to her all day. Of course she is very demanding and often disrupt my meetings. But it does feel good and natural to be with her all the time.

But for the last 2 weeks I was at the office, going home relatively late when Mistress is already in TV mode so also no play for me. All these months of constant play has spoiled me and I really miss her touch can you believe that my body is without marks?
Today I was at work and I got a message from Mistress, when will you home. I replied I think around 6pm Mistress. “When you go home, go directly to the bathroom, take a shower and clean yourselves. I became very excited and couldn’t wait to go home, I should have replied with 5pm.

Finally it was time to go home and I jumped on my bike and i never biked home so fast. I opened the door and the house was completely quiet. I did as I was told and went to the bathroom. On the floor was a pile of toys and a note, “wash, put everything on, waiting position”. I jumped in the shower and cleaned myself, I also shaved so Mistress has nothing to complain about.

I looked at the toys, it where 4 heavy duty cuffs, kali’s teeth for my cock, the lockable butt plug, nipple clamps and the new restrictive hood. Next to it where 6 locks, they are open but no keys. I put everything on and locked it into place, the hood was a struggle to put on alone, it restricts my breathing and I had to really listen to hear anything. I went into waiting position and nothing else I could do then to wait for Mistress.

She took her time, my legs where killing me and I was starting to get cold being on the bathroom floor. But at last I could hear Mistress at least I hope it was Mistress. She took me in the bedroom and pushed me on the bed. I was laying on my stomach waiting for what would happen. I didn’t had to wait long. Mistress her whip landed on my back, I screamed but the hood was also effective to silence me. Mistress had no mercy with full force she delivered one lash after the other. Nothing I could do then to accept what Mistress was giving me. Then she stopped just for a second then I feel her cane on my ass. No warming up, just full force. I had trouble laying still but did the best I could, knowing that Mistress would hurt me more if I didn’t.

Finally it was over, I could feel the blood streaming for the cane weld on my ass. I started crying and the only thing I wanted know was to be held by Mistress, hearing her say that she still loves me.

But Mistress has other plans, she pushed my legs together and with 2 simple clicks I was laying in a hogtie bondage. My body struggling with the pain from the whip and cane. I could feel that Mistress was leaving me alone and I so hoped not for long.

After 10 minutes or so she came back and removed my nipple clamps. I was relieved finally release. But they where replaced with stronger clamps and I screamed in my hood. I could feel Mistress kissing my head and saying something like goodbye. I panicked and screamed in my hood not to leave me but Mistress was already gone.

After a few more minutes my nipples felt like they are on fire and my legs are starting to shake. I screamed again for Mistress but she didn’t hear me. I started to cry, asking myself why did I allow this? Minute after minute past and I finally became more relaxed. I accepted the pain and what Mistress was doing to me. I started to get hard but was merciless punished by kali’s teeth that dig deep into my penis, preventing any enjoyment. I cried again and screamed for Mistress.

I must have gone to subspace, because I felt the strap on my ass. I tried to move my legs but the sudden movement makes them cramp. Mistress gave me only like 10 slaps and then she released the hog tie. My legs fel on the bed not able to move them. Mistress unlocked my butt plug harness and finally I was going to be released.

But Mistress wasn’t done yet, she put me on my back and pushed my legs. Before I knew it she entered me with her big strap-on. Whilst she was in me, she removed the hood but left the nipple clamps. I look at her still with tears in my eyes, she smiled and I could see that she really enjoyed what she did to me. She started to fuck me deep and hard and after only a few minutes, sperm was flowing out my cock. Mistress said no me first.

She pushed the strap-on all the way in me. Reached for her doxy and put it on full speed on top of her strap-on. The feeling was intense, the strap-on was vibrating on my prostate and Mistress her clit. Mistress only needed a minute and at the moment she was about to came, she reach for my nipple clamps and pulled them off. I screamed in pain at the same moment Mistress screamed in joy.

Mistress removed the strap-on and felt tired next to me on the bed. I was looking at her with tears in my eyes but also with intensely happy. She smiled back and said you are such a good boy, you get a treat from me. She turned on her stomach pushing her ass in the air and said you can lick and wank. Now I had a smile from ear to ear, thank you Mistress and I jumped on the floor to get my treat.

Daily Service

I am now almost 2 months full time with Mistress. I can say we found our balance. That said there was some evolution. At the beginning Mistress was very happy that I was with her and let away with most thinks. The last 2 weeks she slowly is demanding more from me. I of course had a bit of resistance. Of course Mistress put me straight and I am know enjoying her control over me.

I am not a submissive by heart. I am a man of science and like things to be efficient. Being at somebodies beck and call is basically blocking and for me a waste of human resources. I could never do it for somebody else let along it is difficult to grasp that somebody would pay to server.

But I do like to see Mistress happy, when she relaxes and shows her natural dominance I find it so beautiful to see. The ease that she orders me around and uses me only to make her life easier is a form of art. I am a masochist, I would love to see Mistress with a whip in her hand all day. Whipping me for no reason at all. But what really matter is her happiness and in a D/s relationship it is all about her.

When I stop thinking of what I want and allow Mistress take full control, she relaxes and everything flows. When thing flows she actually whips me more often, not to punish me but to satisfy her need to own my body and mind.

Thank you Mistress for teaching me this lesson, I will serve you in this life and next.

Free Onlyfans

Over a month a go Mistress told me to start my own Onlyfans account. Twitter is getting more and more silly about content and we have lots of fun thinks to post. Mistress account is of course special and paid. But mine is free and gives you a little more inside in my point of view.

My account was rejected time after time but last week if was finally able to contact the owner. I explained the intentions of my account and he was more then happy to approve it.
So now I have my very own Onlyfans account, please follow me, it is free!

Looking for a website

In the last years many fan platforms saw the light. Most popular at the moment is onlyfans. But that doesn’t work for everybody. Now there is ModelCentro a platform that gives you many option, from paid content, clips to premium social media.
The good thing is that they are adult industry friendly and you get 75% of the takings.

I you are looking to build a fan base and sell content to them this might be a great option.
Just a few examples:


Mistress send me the below link about “The Truth Behind CoronaVirus”. I don’t like conspiracy theories. But the concept of Technocracy is popping up everywhere and it is starting to intrigue me more and more.

I am a liberal and believe in capitalism not the form we now see in the world. But I do believe that if you work hard you should be able to work yourself up. If you have a great idea you should be able work it out in a business.

The current technocracy movement prevents that, small companies don’t get a fair chance anymore and that worries me. This coronavirus will have the biggest impact on the small companies and independent workers.

I asked you in my previous post and I will do it again, create awareness and support your local independent shops. Not to help them, but to secure your own future and that of your children.

What is wrong with Twitter

Twitter is a beautiful powerful medium. It brings people all over the world together and allow them to state their opinion give them a platform to express themselves. It is the first generation of politicians, celebrities,… that can by pass the subjective traditional written media and allow them to interact directly with the people.

Of course this screams for abuse and it is not that strange that twitter has to apply some form of rules to be legal and to have a platform where free speech rules. Adult posts are flagged as adult so children can see explicit content by accident but still allow consenting adults to express them selves.

Accounts are verified and get a blue tag so you see that it is an official account and not a fake account. Abusive accounts are reported and banned from the platform. You would think that is a good thing to do. But being banned on a social platform has great social implication. You loose the connection to your audience you are being expelled. This was in the middle ages one of the worst sentences you could get.

We as a society are evolved and have a legal system in place. Where you can state your case by yourself or by a person that speaks for you. If for some reason you think you didn’t get a fair trail there is always the possibilities to appeal. When you are guilty as charge you sit our your sentence and you are welcomed back into society.

Twitter is for some reason still in the middle ages. Where they expel you without a fair trail, not eve a good reason. Just a statement that you didn’t follow the rules. There is not even a good way to appeal and to rules are made that all power lays with the platform. Completely forgetting the impact it has on the person they banned.

Saying hey, it is our platform you follow our rules is the school example of power abuse. As soon as people are involved you can’t say that anymore. It is like at the start of the industrial revolution when workers where abused and underpaid. They also said, hey you don’t have to work for us, you can leave. But it is not that simple sex workers adopted twitter from the very beginning and have a big deal in where the platform is now. It is part of how they make a living so it is a big deal.

The workers of the industrial revolution didn’t do nothing, they organized themselves into unions. They gained so much power that the work conditions had to change in the more equal playing field we have now. This needs to happen with social media. The first sings we saw with Facebook where for the first time they kept accounted for how they treated their users.

It is time that Twitter gets new social rules. They have to come down from their ivory tower and install a legal like system where user have rights and can defend their case. Twitter is not almighty it is here to serve the needs of the people and by doing that it can make money with commercials.

Twitter get your priorities right or one day the revolution will start and the power of the people will win. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Club Black Whip Mistress Mass

Last night it was the first Club Black Whip night of the year. Traditionally it is the last x-mas celebration before going back to work. After all the eating and drinking with family which was very nice and relaxing I needed some chaotic play time and that is just what Club Black Whip is for.

Mistress was putting on a beautiful velvet red dress while I was looking for my black business suite, after all it is a x-mas party so I wanted to look good. Mistress looked at me and she said tonight you will be Hazel put on your dress. In a matter of second I went from man to maid. Mistress smiled looking at me, so all was good.

We went to the club and the first guest arrived soon after. It was good to see everybody again. All ladies looked amazing with their red dresses, champagne was flowing like water all was good.

The evening started with a amazing sketch of a weird man that was looking for a Mistress. It was so funny!

Countess Dionysus arrived at the club and she had a special gift for Mistress. A flogger made of tubing. Of course Mistress wanted to try it out and before I know it I was laying on the whipping bench. No warm up, no warning only pain, that flogger is deadly. Mistress gave me a good beating with it and I struggled greatly to stay in place. Of course with some help of Mistress I did.

My flogging was where everybody was waiting for, people started to play everywhere and I could hear the whips cracking, the paddles smashing and of course the Mistresses laughing a subs life at CBW is a good one.

Next was the walk of shame. Mistress did a great job in organizing the Ladies and calling out the boys for their turn. She gave me a special gift by walking with me as last, I felt so proud crawling behind my Mistress.

Of course it is not a x-mas celebration without gift. All subs came bearing gifts and Mistress Evilyne organized the raffle. The gifts where great from perfumes to nice bottles of champagne.

The rest of the evening was great fun, more alcohol, more play and everybody started to dance. It was a night never to forget.
You can find all pictures here.