Daily Service

I am now almost 2 months full time with Mistress. I can say we found our balance. That said there was some evolution. At the beginning Mistress was very happy that I was with her and let away with most thinks. The last 2 weeks she slowly is demanding more from me. I of course had a bit of resistance. Of course Mistress put me straight and I am know enjoying her control over me.

I am not a submissive by heart. I am a man of science and like things to be efficient. Being at somebodies beck and call is basically blocking and for me a waste of human resources. I could never do it for somebody else let along it is difficult to grasp that somebody would pay to server.

But I do like to see Mistress happy, when she relaxes and shows her natural dominance I find it so beautiful to see. The ease that she orders me around and uses me only to make her life easier is a form of art. I am a masochist, I would love to see Mistress with a whip in her hand all day. Whipping me for no reason at all. But what really matter is her happiness and in a D/s relationship it is all about her.

When I stop thinking of what I want and allow Mistress take full control, she relaxes and everything flows. When thing flows she actually whips me more often, not to punish me but to satisfy her need to own my body and mind.

Thank you Mistress for teaching me this lesson, I will serve you in this life and next.

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