MC Kalida

When I came home to Mistress last week she wasn’t alone. A beautiful ebony girl was sitting at her feet. I of course focused completely on my Mistress but I couldn’t help myself looking at her. I knew Mistress was training a slave girl but she always kept her hidden for me and the rest of the world.

But as always with Mistress thinks changes for the good. Mistress caught me watching and gave me a slap, that corrected the situation and Mistress explained that the girl was MC Kalida and that she was her submissive. But that I as a man are beneath all women and that I have to listen to her. if not she is allowed to punish me.

Kalida gave me a big smile and I knew at one point I would be in trouble. But she was all focused on Mistress and they chatted in a mixture of Portuguese and Spanish. I was tired and had to work the next day so I kissed Mistress goodnight and went to bed.

On Friday she came back to the house to get ready for CBW. I knew she was pretty but all dressed and with amazing make-up she was drop death gorgeous. At the club all the boys looked at her, was she a Mistress or a slave, could they talk to her? Mistress enjoyed showing her off and I knew it wasn’t going to be my night. No attention no play from Mistress. I understand she is something new and special.

From a distance I looked Mistress beating her with a paddle. Mistress went for it and Kalida screamed in pain and joy. I was looking with mixed feelings, I really don’t like seeing a girl being beaten not even in a bdsm settings, it just feels wrong. A woman should be worshipped, served not beaten. I looked again at scene and saw the beauty in it, Mistress was having a great time with her slave girl.

I did the only thing I could do and stepped back, gave them the space. I am sure Mistress will play again with me when the time is right.

Next day, Mistress told me to take pictures of Kalida for a new website I have to make for her. That was fun she is an amazing model and the camera loves her. Have a look at the results london black submissive girl

Looks like I have a new sister and as with all siblings it is difficult to share attention, but I know sharing is caring. So welcome to family Kalida, I’ll be a good boy I promise.

Club Black Whip 06-2018

I was honored to be the official photographer of Club Black Whip again. It always is an amazing night a real celebration of female dominance.
A little teaser of the picture the full set is at the CBW site.

The slave positions

Almost 3 years ago Mistress Ezada introduced Mistress to the slave positions. I immediately liked it. It was fun to practice the positions with Mistress. Of course I made lot of mistakes and Mistress never hesitated to correct me with her whip.

Now I am so used of Mistress using the hand signals to instruct me. At any moment she can give me the sign for waiting position or to present my collar. It is a great way of stopping the vanilla world and focus completely on my Mistress. Not using words makes it more intimate, more special, it eliminate the option to disobey her completely.

Mistress always use hand signals when we are playing in a club. It is like our very own secret language that remotely controls me, it always make me feel very special, like a puppet on a string.
If you want to see Madame Caramel I suggest you learn the slave positions. She will like it that you take the effort to learn her way and you will be part of the secret society that knows the positions.

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