Karamel London

Mistress is a real lifestyle Dominatrix. She loves to put her hands on a new un-experienced sub and train him till he becomes all hers. Having a session for an hour where the sub just comes to satisfies his kinks doesn’t fit in that picture. So Mistress decided that now the world is changing due to covid-19 it is also time that she changes. No more quick sessions for the boys but only long experiences 4h, overnights are real lifestyle training. Likes this she will only have the sessions she really wants and that gives her time for her new passion Karamelondon. All this years of being a Domintrax makes her an expert in marketing. Now she can puts all this knowledge in her new make-up brand. I am so proud of my Mistress that whatever she does she goes all the way. If it is the whip or lash Mistress is always the best.

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