Daily cup of tea

Normally I try not to state my opinion to much on twitter. It is not my place, I am on twitter to support my Mistress. But during our holiday Mistress encouraged me to give my opinion to the daily cup of tea of Madam Poison. Every day she post a statement where you can comment.

I have to say I am starting to get addicted to this daily treat. I give my honest opinion to the statement of the day. I know Mistress follows every step I do online and she hasn’t punished me yet. I guess she entertained by the conversation that is going on.

So I would like to ask you to join the conversation. Twitter lately is an advertisement platform and not a social medium as it should be. So join the conversation and make twitter social again!
Of course always be very respectful to the ladies they are superior to us if you don’t agree it is more likely that you didn’t understand her point.

77 days locked

On May 25th Mistress ordered me to be locked. As written in my previous blog I am used to be locked when Mistress travels. But this is the longest I ever been locked for my Mistress. The record was 48 days and we are now at day 77. I spent all that time except for 2 weekends without Mistress.

Not only does she keeps me chaste she also makes me work out and diet. I now run every weekday for 50 minutes. It is very difficult and I have to run very slow to keep going but I can now do it with two small breaks. The result of Mistress her work is very visible I now lost 7kg.

The chastity never becomes easy. I still wake up every night in pain I haven’t had a good night sleep for the last 3 months. I am so tired and have to keep myself together not to snap at work. At the beginning I felt very submissive to Mistress and connected but that is gone.

At the moment I don’t feel submissive at all, I found my routine, waking up early, run, work being to tried to do anything in the evening. I need all my energy just to make it trough the day. Mistress didn’t sent me to an other Mistress this time. I like the pain play but it also makes me miss Mistress a good whipping resets the mind.

Mistress is now finally returning on Sunday. My current project at work is in a critical phase so I couldn’t go to London to meet her. But on Thursday we will be united again. I have to say I look forward to it but I am also scarred, will she release me or will she just tease me till I completely crack? I don’t mind loosing it, but I am scarred that Mistress will not forgive me when I do.

The slave positions

Almost 3 years ago Mistress Ezada introduced Mistress to the slave positions. I immediately liked it. It was fun to practice the positions with Mistress. Of course I made lot of mistakes and Mistress never hesitated to correct me with her whip.

Now I am so used of Mistress using the hand signals to instruct me. At any moment she can give me the sign for waiting position or to present my collar. It is a great way of stopping the vanilla world and focus completely on my Mistress. Not using words makes it more intimate, more special, it eliminate the option to disobey her completely.

Mistress always use hand signals when we are playing in a club. It is like our very own secret language that remotely controls me, it always make me feel very special, like a puppet on a string.
If you want to see Madame Caramel I suggest you learn the slave positions. She will like it that you take the effort to learn her way and you will be part of the secret society that knows the positions.

Full clip at clips4sale

The love and hate of being in Chastity

I am now 6 years in a Female Led Relationship and Mistress controlled my orgasms from the very first day. It was one of the first things she said, “no cumming without my permission”. It where a few simple words but with a huge impact. It was part of my morning shower ritual; shave, wash, wank. I didn’t really enjoyed it, it was just part of the deal. When I wasn’t tired I would often had a wank in the evening too, watching some bdsm porn. Mistress put an end to all that taking over full control over my body and mind. I liked that, it made me feel close to Mistress but of course the first year I had some hick ups. Mistress made me pay cumtax or whipped me till I promised never to cum again without her consent. That only works for a month and then I would fail her again. Mistress decided it was time for chastity. Because I fly up and down to London all the time I bought my very first bon4, the large version of course. Proudly I wore it under my vanilla clothes and all was good. The trouble was a night, every night my hard-on woke me up and I was in pain. After 3 weeks I was a broken man, horny and tired as hell. Mistress released me for the first time and I was never so great full. I felt the power she had in locking me up it was almost more than I could handle.

Chastity made me afraid. As a masochist I know how to deal with pain, pain is all consuming, it takes over your body and mind. But goes away and leaving a friendly glow of love. Chastity was a different game, it didn’t go away, stays with you for weeks, months as long as Mistress wants. There is no escape just the knowledge that you are owned by your Mistress. After the first lockup I didn’t came ever again without Mistress permission. When I am really horny I edge myself or put nipple clamps till the pain is to much. All things I deserve punishment for but the line is cumming, that is only when Mistress gives it to me.

Over the years, the desire to cum has been greatly reduced. I am not that bothered anymore with cumming, don’t get me wrong I am still a very sexual person. But release can be in so many forms. When Mistress wants an orgasm it is about that and I don’t need one in return. I am happy when I can help achieving hers. Now Mistress let me cum an average once a month and I am very happy with that.

Chastity is still a very important part of our relationship. When Mistress travels for a longer time she locks me up. I now learned that a smaller device is better for me but I will never truly get use to it. The emotions are still all over the place after just a few days locked. It is not about not cumming anymore, it is about the constant pain and sleep deprivation. I am always tired and go to bed as soon as I can. Fall a sleep in seconds but never reaches REM sleep. When I do, I get woken up by the pain. People need REM sleep to order there brain, without it they go slowing crazy.

Dealing with emotions is hard and I fail all the time. But I learned to only focus only on my love for Mistress. The wonderful relationship we have where she totally controls my body and mind. That makes me smile and makes me miss Mistress even more but does gives me a happy feeling. All negative thoughts I push to the background. That would be fine but Mistress loves to control me. She sent me a picture kissing an other boy and I’ll be crying for hours wondering if she still loves me. On the other hand just a small message from Mistress that she loves me, makes me smile for hours. It is that total control over me that Mistress loves about putting me in chastity.

Chastity is a strong tool in any form of D/s relation and I understand why so many Mistresses use it as a training tool. For me I hate the little thing that is now between my legs but when Mistress returns home after being 6 weeks in Dubai and I see her smiling with my keys between her breasts teasing me with her beautiful body. I know I am owned by a powerful Dominatrix and I love every second of it.

Join me in Chastity!

If you are not ready, you can watch some chastity clips and dream about the moment Mistress locks you too.

Club Black Whip: March 23

Club Black Whip will always remain something special for me. Six years ago I came for the first time to London to meet Madame Caramel. We played in the dungeon and then she said, it is Club Black Whip night your are joining me. After a few yes Ma’am we where on our way. I was nervous as hell, because I never went to a play party in my life. I just received my very first caning and there I was in the back of the car driving to an unknown location with a woman I just met. Somehow everything was fine because I was with Madame Caramel. The club started slow but soon more and more beautiful black ladies arrived in the club. They made lots of noise and I was touched and squeezed by most of them. Mistress gave me a camera and said make pictures. That was more my style, I walked around the club looking at the play going on. I remember one slave that got whipped by a tall beautiful lady. She laught while her whip came merciless on his white body. His body was shaking, it was pushed to the limit but when I looked closely I could see him smiling and offering his body for the next lash. I was intrigued could I ever enjoy a whipping like him? Later I learned that the slave was Kurdy and the Mistress was Miss Deviant.

Somebody shouted “Joris”, Madame Caramel was looking for me. I ran to her, I guess I was slow because she took a paddle and my second punishment of the day was due. Everybody was watching and I did my best not to scream for my Mistress. Suddenly it was over and she said, get me a bottle of champagne and serve us. When I was back she ordered me to lay down put her feet on my face and talked to her friend like I wasn’t there. I don’t remember much else of the evening but it was one of the best experiences of my life. Because of work I missed a lot of these magical evenings but when I can I be there serving my Mistress.

Join me in this celebration of Black Female Supremacy!

Femdom Ball 2018 – sponsor a Lady

On October 6th is for the 4th time “The Femdom Ball” organized by Madame Caramel. It is a unique fetish event where glamor and of course the wonderful power of Women are central. The dress code is gala for the Ladies and all black for the boys. This gives a unique atmosphere. Don’t worry there is fully equipped dungeon room where naughty boys get punished. Just like all the previous editions they fully expect a sold out event in October.

If you are not in a female led relationship and attend as couple I strongly suggest to sponsor a Lady and be at her beg and call during this event. It is the perfect gift for your Mistress, surprise her with a ticket to the ball and see her smile. It is not only the evening itself but you can also take her shopping for the perfect dress go with her for a pedicure/manicure. It will give you the opportunity to serve her and show your devotion. So get your tickets today!

The art of foot fetish photography

I think all aspects of Mistress are beautiful, but I do have some favorites. High in that list are her feet. I like the way the her skin changes color at her souls it is so different as the rest of her skin. When she points her feet they curve so nicely when she does that I can’t stop watching her. Hoping for the moment she allow me to kiss them. Most of the time her feet are colder then the rest of her body and I love to warm them with my hands. They almost never smell but sometimes after a long day in leather boots they produce there own perfume of desire. How do you capture all that beauty? Over the years I tried in many ways but I took a professional to succeed: @MikeFFPhoto