Club Black Whip: March 23

Club Black Whip will always remain something special for me. Six years ago I came for the first time to London to meet Madame Caramel. We played in the dungeon and then she said, it is Club Black Whip night your are joining me. After a few yes Ma’am we where on our way. I was nervous as hell, because I never went to a play party in my life. I just received my very first caning and there I was in the back of the car driving to an unknown location with a woman I just met. Somehow everything was fine because I was with Madame Caramel. The club started slow but soon more and more beautiful black ladies arrived in the club. They made lots of noise and I was touched and squeezed by most of them. Mistress gave me a camera and said make pictures. That was more my style, I walked around the club looking at the play going on. I remember one slave that got whipped by a tall beautiful lady. She laught while her whip came merciless on his white body. His body was shaking, it was pushed to the limit but when I looked closely I could see him smiling and offering his body for the next lash. I was intrigued could I ever enjoy a whipping like him? Later I learned that the slave was Kurdy and the Mistress was Miss Deviant.

Somebody shouted “Joris”, Madame Caramel was looking for me. I ran to her, I guess I was slow because she took a paddle and my second punishment of the day was due. Everybody was watching and I did my best not to scream for my Mistress. Suddenly it was over and she said, get me a bottle of champagne and serve us. When I was back she ordered me to lay down put her feet on my face and talked to her friend like I wasn’t there. I don’t remember much else of the evening but it was one of the best experiences of my life. Because of work I missed a lot of these magical evenings but when I can I be there serving my Mistress.

Join me in this celebration of Black Female Supremacy!

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