The importance of CP

When I started serving Mistress I always had her marks on my body. Instead of telling me I was wrong she used her cane or whip to teach me. It gives a very powerful situation in the house. I was completely focused on Mistress and watched her every move. All my problems went to the background and for the first time in my life my mind was at peace. I would love this situation for the rest of my life safe in the female power of my Mistress but reality is different. A slave at her feet doesn’t make money for her lifestyle so Mistress pushed me to pursuit new carriere goals. She has an amazing influence om my life. I am more confident and can focus on what is important and know not to give up when thinks are getting hard.
The other side of the coin is that sometimes I forget my place in Mistress presence. I talk back or ignore her. In most relationships this would become a problem but when you are in a Female led Relationship this is quickly resolved with some corporal punishment. Mistress is so different when she punishes me, she doesn’t touch me, there is no warming up. It is just “punishment position” and pain nothing else then pain. It is not sexy, your body screams to get out, tell her to fuck off and leave. It can take some but at the end the pain always wins, it clears my head ans shows me what is truly important in my life, who I truly love, My Mistress Madame Caramel, I am sorry for my behavior, thank you for sticking with me and teach me your way.

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  1. Dear the way you are Dedicated it’s very inspirational for Novis like us who want to experience this medium f life and serve a true Mistress who knows what to do with Her slaves some of her pictures are so Stunningly Gorgeous Her Chocolate Beauty is Divine She Looks like a Black Goddess and all men should Bow on their knees I pray to God please give me a chance for once to see Her meet Her and beg her to use me God will Grant me this 1 wish . God please Grant Her More Beauty. ❤️🌹😍

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