My view on Female Led Relationships

Mistress talks often about our relationship from her point of view. I will take this opportunity to tell a bit in my process to settle in our relationship.

It of course all start with my mother. I was brought up in a traditional Belgium family where the Mother is the base of the family life. With two older sisters I can safely say that I grew up with lots of female power around me. It taught me respect, compassion but most important the strength of female leadership.

My mum had a few rules; If you make a mess, you clean up the mess. Don’t trouble others you are already trouble enough by yourself. Always be respectful to others no matter what. I tried to follow my mothers rules as good as possible.

When I first met Mistress, I knew this was going to be the woman I spent the rest of my life with. She quickly saw the potential in me but of course a woman worshiped by so many men needed proof first. She puts me on a very strict servitude regime. I was punished for every mistake and then some more just because Mistress loves to hurt me. For the first year my body was never without the marks of Mistress.

This was from both sides difficult to keep up. I had trouble to mix my personal life, my normal work, the work for Mistress and my domestic services. Mistress didn’t want to be on top of my work at all times, punishing me for every little mistake, she just wanted things to be done her way. This wasn’t going to work in the long term and for the first time we discussed our relationship. Not as Mistress and slave but as two people in love with an alternative lifestyle.

The traditional TPE (Total power exchange) wasn’t a fit. Mistress wants me to be a strong individual living up to my full potential in the corporate work as well as good dad and role model for my daughter. This requires lots of independent acting. On the other hands she want to be released of the daily tasks and just somebody around that takes care of her wishes.

The solution was the Female Led Relationship. We both have a strong say but Mistress decision is final. If we disagree a word of Mistress is enough to put me back in my place. Mistress controls for 100% my sexuality and has the right to punish me for no other reason then that she like to see me in pain. I take care of most domestic tasks. I also get all the time I need for work and family.

It works out so beautifully. We never fight of course sometimes I don’t agree with Mistress. But that isn’t enough to not make it happen. I quickly switch to a mode of acceptance and try to make the best out of it. If I do make a mistake, Mistress makes me pay severely but when the punishment is over so is the conflict. Actually each punishment brings us closer together.

Mistress does encourage me to speak up, she listens to my troubles and concerns. She relies on my opinion to prevent wrong decisions in both our lives. She always does what she pleases but with my input she can make better. She has an excellent bullshit radar and most of the time she just says to man up. But when I have a real problem she will be the first to help me. She is not afraid to make hard decision and pushes me forward in all aspects of my life. I am a stronger, healthier and most of all happier person since I am with Mistress in a female led relationship.

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