Femdom Ball 2018 – sponsor a Lady

On October 6th is for the 4th time “The Femdom Ball” organized by Madame Caramel. It is a unique fetish event where glamor and of course the wonderful power of Women are central. The dress code is gala for the Ladies and all black for the boys. This gives a unique atmosphere. Don’t worry there is fully equipped dungeon room where naughty boys get punished. Just like all the previous editions they fully expect a sold out event in October.

If you are not in a female led relationship and attend as couple I strongly suggest to sponsor a Lady and be at her beg and call during this event. It is the perfect gift for your Mistress, surprise her with a ticket to the ball and see her smile. It is not only the evening itself but you can also take her shopping for the perfect dress go with her for a pedicure/manicure. It will give you the opportunity to serve her and show your devotion. So get your tickets today!

The art of foot fetish photography

I think all aspects of Mistress are beautiful, but I do have some favorites. High in that list are her feet. I like the way the her skin changes color at her souls it is so different as the rest of her skin. When she points her feet they curve so nicely when she does that I can’t stop watching her. Hoping for the moment she allow me to kiss them. Most of the time her feet are colder then the rest of her body and I love to warm them with my hands. They almost never smell but sometimes after a long day in leather boots they produce there own perfume of desire. How do you capture all that beauty? Over the years I tried in many ways but I took a professional to succeed: @MikeFFPhoto