Daily training

Mistress is keeping me locked in chastity more and more. I was locked for 90 days this summer and feels like I just have been released. But it is October and of course Mistress locked me in honor of Locktober.

We where in Stockholm on the first and I was lucky that Mistress gave me a last orgasm before she closed the lock. The first week was fine, we had the Femdom Ball that was as always amazing. Soon after I left Mistress for a work trip all was fine.

When I was back in Eindhoven, the craving for Mistress became stronger. But she was ill and I did my best not to bother her too much. Luckily Mistress was starting to control me more. Not only my running in the morning, but now I have to use my but plug every evening for an hour.

The first days it was just fun, but now my ass is hurting a lot from the daily abuse. It makes me very emotional, the pain, the control, the horniness. All I want is more, I want to be close to Mistress, worship her, kiss her, used by her.

The chastity is working, what a powerful instrument is this for my Mistress. I am realizing more and more that I need to be controlled by her. That my frustration becomes happiness when she is happy. Thank you my Mistress!

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