Day in the Dungeon

Finally after 2 weeks apart I was back at the feet of my Mistress. As always she was more practical then me. I missed her so much, I wanted to hold her and never let her go again. But I was soon put in my place and had to settle with massaging her beautiful feet.

The next day I went running for her did my exercises when I went home, all to show that I am a good boy. But Mistress wasn’t that impressed I was just doing what she ordered. In the evening I went for a game of squash with a good friend. What an intense game is that, I think I almost died at the end. But it was good fun and it fits in my diet, so I will try to do it more often when I am in London.

Friday morning my body hurt everywhere luckily Mistress was kind and she made me run for only 20 minutes. I had the day off and was hoping for a relaxed day but Mistress had different plans. I had to clean the complete house, get parcels from the post office, make lunch, go with her to the dungeon because it was filming day.

Everything went different then I had in mind. It was difficult to deal with it mentally. When all is normal, I don’t like change in the routine, but when I am in chastity I really can’t deal if things are not going like I have it in my head. My replies to Mistress weren’t always that nice. Of course I always do what she asked.

A Mistress didn’t show up for filming and Mistress decided to film with me. A good caning so I would stop being a grumpy boy and focus again. She would have caned me any way for my behavior but like this she also gets some content out of it.

Mistress didn’t warm me up and the first hit got me by surprise, the pain was unbearable. Normally I can give the pain a place and deal with it. But this was so intense, I became scared and panicked. Mistress wanted me to focus and kept on hitting me, not even on full force, but I was gone. I tried but no way I could collect myself.

I failed my Mistress again, I felt so bad and tried so hard but it only got worse. Mistress gave up on me and stopped the scene. When I was released from the whipped bench. I ran to my Mistress kissed her feet and started crying, I felt so bad that I couldn’t take her beating and disappointed her. She sent me for a walk to collect myself again.

When I came back Mistress wanted to do a different scene with me. I was happy that she gave me another chance to show my devotion for her. In no time I was wrapped in cellophane and I couldn’t move an inch. To make it even better Mistress started to tape me up. This made my cocoon complete, it was actually one of the tightest enclosures she ever put me in. It always works for me. Finally my mind came to rest and I was focused and connected on my Mistress.

As soon as I felt her energy streaming to my I was happy and ready. I felt a sharp pain in my balls and the first needle went in. Slowly more and more needles found there way deep in my balls. The pain was getting extreme, but I wasn’t going to move or say anything after this afternoon, this was for my Mistress. But of course she was connected to me too and gave me a little break a little bit of poppers.

The break was enough to put me in subspace, not a deep one but a happy one, I could still feel the full pain but now my brain could deal with it. Mistress started to put the rest of the needles. The pain came and went, I was riding the happy flow of endorphins and love for my Mistress. I was in total bliss.

The removal of the needles went quick and with less pain then I expected. I wanted more, I wanted to hold my Mistress and I wanted to accept more pain for my Mistress but Mistress cut me loose and it was over. I felt again in her arms and felt for the second time tears coming to my eyes, this time not out of shame but out of pure happiness.

We cleaned the dungeon, ate a pizza for dinner and got ourselfs in a beautiful outfit for a little high end party we where invited. We met lovely people and had an amazing time and before I knew it, we where back in the dungeon.

Mistress sat on the queening chair and allow me to drink her pee. It is one of the biggest rewards Mistress can give me. Laying under her smelling her beautiful scent. If Mistress would allow me, I would be under her every evening whilst she watches television. Of course she wanted some entertainment en decided that this was the perfect time to try her new Erostek electrics.

Before I knew it a rubber loop went around my balls and the familiar tinkling went trough my balls. Mistress played with the settings and every time she upped to power I screamed deep inside her. This machine is so much more powerful then the others she used on me. She know used it to pleasure me, but I am scared if Mistress will ever used it on me as punishment.

After some more time close to Mistress it was bedtime and we both fell a sleep in seconds after this long intense day of pain and pleasure. The next morning, Mistress gave me yet another little reward, after 26 days in chastity I crave anal play. Mistress put the fucking machine on the bench and used it on me.

It is such a great and frustrating treatment being fucked by a machine. This time every time it hits the right spot it went out. Adding to my frustration. I did feel good but I do prefer being taking by Mistress her strap-on but this is way more humiliating and I guess that is what Mistress wanted today. Again time to clean the dungeon and then we finally we went home.

I taught it was over, but Mistress came down with my cilice and the pins are now digging deep in my leg. Every step I take I know who loves me, controls me, own me,… My Beautiful Mistress

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