Mistress Noir

Sometimes Mistress sent me to other Mistresses and tonight was something special. I got a message from Mistress at work that when I finish. I had to contact Mistress Noir and book a session directly after work.

I was nervous, I had filmed with her before but I was never alone with her for a full hour. I called her and we had a very pleasant conversation. She asked me about my kinks and wishes. I told her I liked pain plain and that after a month in chastity in Mistress I needed something that get my minds of my locked cock.

At 7pm I knocked on the door and the first thing I saw where long leather boots. The commands came quickly: bathroom, shower and wait naked in the dungeon. The first thing she did was blindfold me and then the session started.

I am not going to tell everything what happened but I left the dungeon with a big smile. Mistress Noir did take care of me. When I came home Mistress had several lifetime slaves in the house. I wanted to tell her all about it, but she just said later and dismissed me. Guess all is fine again.

Mistress Noir is still available for session tonight, book her!

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